• Top 10 Festivals in Nepal

    There is an old saying, "If only every celebration had a holiday—yes, you read that right—there would be 365 days off in Nepal." Political unrest and strikes frequently make one wonder how things get done…

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  • 20 Top Ranked Trekking in Nepal

    Trekking in Nepal has been one of the main tourist attractions ever since Mt Everest was summitted in 1953. With the highest mountain in the world in its back garden, Nepal is also filled with…

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  • How to Handle the High Altitude Sickness While Trekking in Nepal?

    Are you planning to trek in the Himalaya in Nepal? The mountainous country Nepal offers the most beautiful trekking routes of the earth such as Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Manaslu Circuit trek are…

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  • What To Pack For Your Trekking?

    Since Trekking Gears are the key factor of your safety, successful, enjoyable and hassle free trip in the Himalaya, it is so important not to miss the essential gears. Whether you carry your own or you hired…

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  • Why You Should Visit Nepal in the off Season?

    Geographically, culturally, biologically unique and diverse, Nepal is the most demanding destination for all the visitors from every corner of the planet. Trekking, tours, classic peak climbing to the tallest mountain climbing in the world, jungle safari,…

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