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  • About Us

    Namaste and Welcome to Nepal Trekking Experts

    Our company name makes it abundantly clear who and what we are, a team of trekking specialists with decades of experience in the business and a lifetime of built-up knowledge that comes from…

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  • Terms and Conditions

    As one of Nepal's most reputable, government-registered trekking companies, Nepal Trekking Experts (NTE) prides itself on trustworthy and transparent operations. The following terms and conditions reflect a mutual understanding between NTE and its clients regarding your tour(s) with us. Confirmation…

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  • Why choose Nepal Trekking Experts

    Why Travel and Trek with Nepal Trekking Experts:-

    At Nepal Trekking Experts our mission is provide each of our clients with a memorable immersive life experience that blends culture, environment and our local knowledge with extremely high customer service delivery.…

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