Our Team

  • Rajesh Neupane

    Managing Director

    Rajesh, known as Raj, is the founder and owner of Nepal Trekking Expert, as well as being the main guide in the company. Raj was born and raised in the mountain region of Manaslu and has a deep connection with the culture and nature of the Himalayan mountains. Having more than 20 years of experience in the trekking industry, working both as a porter, guide and now the owner of Nepal Trekking Experts, Raj has the great knowledge and experience to customize and organize treks fulfilling your every need, including permits, equipment, clothing, medical supplies, safety, fitness level and level of experience. Having done most of the treks available in Nepal, as well as growing up in the Himalaya region, he has a deep affinity and connection with the local people and cultures, religion, history, wildlife, flora and fauna of the mountain regions. Raj has a welcoming and positive aura and great English communication skills, providing you with all the information asked for. He possesses an authentic sensitivity to the specific needs and concerns of every individual and group as well as a sense of humour you won’t easily forget. Rajesh founded the company in order to provide a service and attention to detail apart from the average trekking agency. By utilizing his knowledge and experience in the field, Nepal Trekking Experts strives to be the best of the best concerning customer satisfaction. Raj prides himself on his reputation of providing experiences of lifetime memories and creating long lasting friendships with clients.

  • Rabin Neupane

    Trekking Leader

    Rabin Neupane also has part in the ownership of Nepal Trekking Experts and has been employed in tourism since 2005. He is honest, always positive, knowledgeable and a young energetic guy. He is always enthusiastic to learn more and to go that extra mile further. Rabin has a special touch for customer care and hostmanship, making people feel welcome and part of the family. As well as being good with people, he has extensive training in guiding, first aid, rope fixing as well as trekking. Rajesh and Rabin are brothers each other and both grew up in the Himalaya regions which has given them the experience to provide a personal and fascinating adventure. Rabin prioritizes safety and health for our valued clients, as we always do in Nepal Trekking Experts. There is plenty of excellent reviews of Rabin as a guide on both trekking blogs as well as on Trip Advisor which can be found. Please feel free to contact us for the reviews or any further information regarding Rabin.

  • Bikram Karki

    Trekking guide

    Bikram, grown up in the Everest region, has more than 15 years of experience in the trekking industry and has done all possible treks in Nepal, both well-known ones as well as newly opened ones. He is fluent in English and is known for his informative, honest and energetic guidance. He is very experienced in handling big groups and overcoming and adapting to the environment and possible challenges which might occur. Bikram is constantly getting great feedback from clients, possibly due to his charming looks, personality and humour as well as professionalism.

  • Bikash Maharjan

    Trekking Guide

    Bikash has grown up in the Gorkha area, and have been working as a trekking guide on a regular basis since 2010. Bikash has previously been studying English in Kathmandu which is why his communication skills are brilliant. He is a very fit and durable young man with a special touch for the local nature and cultures. Bikash has a passion for traveling and exploring and loves to share his experiences and adventures with fellow travelers. Apart from being a very smiling and entertaining guy, he is very well trained in awareness of the well-being and the safety of clients. He is proud to be what he calls ‘an unpaid ambassador of Nepal’, as he feels that the trekking guide is responsible for providing a truthful and positive image of Nepal.

  • Bhoj Raj Neupane

    Trekking Guide

    Bhoj is from the Manaslu region where he grew up in the same mountain village as Rajesh and Rabin. Growing up in the Manaslu region, he has always had a connection with the local nature and culture. Bhoj has been working as a trekking guide since 2013 and have previously been working with tourism since more than five years, providing him with great hospitality and service traits as well as English communication skills. Like all our guides, Bhoj is very conscious about the comfort and safety of our clients, and have gone through extensive training. Bhoj is a peaceful, flexible and confident guide.

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