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Nepal Trekking Experts provided a very smooth once in a lifetime experience


Published: Thursday, November 18, 2021

My partner and I couldn't have asked for a better experience trekking in Nepal. Rajesh provided excellent, timely and accurate information to us as we prepared for our trek, which was especially helpful as the COVID landscape in Nepal changed. Arriving at the airport was very smooth, as we were met by our guide and later met with Rajesh about what to expect on the trek.

We were guided by Rajan, who was a cheerful and knowledgable expert of the route, having done it about 50 times. He was willing to get up early with us to catch sunrise a few miles away (one of the most spectacular highlights of our trip). Rajan was also extremely thoughtful and arranged for my fiance to propose to me again at the pass on our journey with katas and a ring! We also didn't feel any pressure to go at any particular speed and were able to take lots of pictures. Santa was our spirited, hard-working porter, who reliably carried our heavy pack and sped ahead to secure the best room for us at the upcoming guest house. He also played with local kids and was of service to the owners of the guest houses where we stopped. The two of them made sure our path was always safe, even spending two hours digging and hammering in handholds to make a route through a landslide area. Of course, the mountains were enormous and spectacular on this trek and we were happy to see this area before it becomes more developed.

Nepal Trekking Experts made this experience extremely smooth and prioritized making the trip the once-in-a-lifetime experience we had hoped for.

Allison Kimball, United States


Many Mega Experience


Published: Thursday, November 18, 2021

Thank you Rajesh for this great trip. It was super organised and an unforgettable experience. The organisation and planning of the Manaslu circumnavigation by email from Germany was no problem at all. Rajesh understood all our wishes and concerns about the pandemic and responded to them.

The guide Thakur Dahal and the porter Ram, who Rajesh chose, were super nice and very professional. Despite an unforeseen snowfall, Thakur and Ram took us safely over the Larke Pass. Moreover, it was a lot of fun to learn many interesting things from our guide with conversations about the country and its people. The evening card game with our guide and porter was also very fun and entertaining.

I would definitely book a tour with Nepal Trekking Experts again, preferably with the same guide as on this tour.

Franziska, Germany


Professionalism and support with love and respect - the best service ever


Published: Wednesday, May 26, 2021

It was an amazing experience with lovely manager Rajesh and trustful professional guide Dinesh Rai. They both taking care of me from the very beginning: helped me to get a visa, transfer, trekking gear, air tickets, hotels etc. For me it was a unique experience, I went to EBC trek alone with only one guide/porter, but it was very safe and interesting journey. Company provides me with all information about the route and they were always in contact with me during trekking. Guide was very useful not only with stories about each mountain on the way, but also with adequate and clear opinion about my own condition, it helps me to avoid mistakes and mountain sickness problems. I am so grateful for all the support, thank you very much and see you soon for the next adventure!

Vlad Bogomolov, Russian Federation


An amazing journey with the Nepal Trekking Experts


Published: Tuesday, April 27, 2021

5 star thank you to Nepal Trekking Experts for my epic trek to Manaslu. Owner Rajesh Neupane was amazing how he planned my trek during the Covid pandemic. He secured all my permits and helped me through the Nepal entry process. And was always in communication with my emails, always the next day, sometimes the same day. Upon arrival in Katmandu at 0300 on March 25 2021 a ride to my hotel was waiting. Rajesh made sure I was comfortable and made sure my CV19 tests were complete for the trek to begin. As a solo traveler Rajesh invited me into his home for lunch with his family. A delicious home cooked Nepali meal. A definite unexpected highlight.

My guide/porter/companion for 16 days was Rashem Neupane. Again 5 stars. Really amazing how he knew everything about the trek and knew so many people along the the way. Rashem always phoned ahead about guesthouses or have lunch ready for us. He always made sure I was comfortable in our guesthouse and was always available. Rashem also let me call home to my wife on his phone during the trek. Really special. We both took time to enjoy the scenery along the way. The weather was incredibly clear and spectacular. And we saw no tourists for 16 days. We had the trek to ourselves. Rashem and I went shopping on my last day in Katmandu. He got my purchases at Nepali prices. I appreciated working with a family business that was so detailed about everything. My next trek will be with Nepal Trekking Experts. Simply the best!!

Mike Kapp, United States




Published: Sunday, April 11, 2021

How can I describe my experience with Nepal Trekking Experts agency other than perfect!

In 2021, it's not easy to travel and it's not easy to feel safe to travel, but with Rajesh and his agency, everything went smooth and I felt really secure with them. The communication with Rajesh was really natural and rapidly, he becomes a real friend. He had small attention before, during and after my trip. I never felt alone since I started to interact with him.

I decided to trek for 6 days in Langtang Valley in solo. Rabin, Rajesh's brother, was my guide. Kindness is part of this family, I am telling you! Rabin was the kind of guide to be there when you need and understand the time you need space. We had a good connection and laughed so much during this trip. Everybody in the agency speaks good english and they have a great knowledge on Nepali and Tibetan cultures, religions, fauna, flora, etc. It was just fascinating to discover this world and I hope you will too. They are professional and they will not take any risk if you have altitude sickness. You can trust them at 100%!!!!

I could write so much more about my experience but the only thing to add is JUST GO SEE THE POWER OF HIMALAYANS MOUNTAINS AND TREK WITH THEM! Try this experience. You will LOVE it so much, that you just want to come back one more time. There are hikes for all physical level so don't worry about it.

I wish you a good trip and I hope I will be back soon.

Geneviève Pedneau, Canada

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