Why choose Nepal Trekking Experts

Why Travel and Trek with Nepal Trekking Experts:-

At Nepal Trekking Experts our mission is provide each of our clients with a memorable immersive life experience that blends culture, environment and our local knowledge with extremely high customer service delivery. Our business is built on our reputation and a trusting relationship with our clients

Local based knowledge and experience – deep connections with country:-

We believe in bringing local based expert knowledge and experience to you at a grass root level. This is supported by international based standards of professionalism and delivery.

There is no middleman here, you have direct contact with the people delivering your experience.

We believe as a local based agency we can provide you with a more economic trekking experience due to being able to delivery your trek without excessive overheads, without excessive commissions and that at the end of the day any savings are invested into your quality experience by ensuring the actual people who delivery your experience provide expert service and are fully trained in there roles.

We believe in full service delivery that means from the time you contact us, pre trek discussions and preparations, meeting you at the airport, pre trek inductions, pre and post transport, the actual trek itself and post trek activities and debriefing will be special and rewarding for you. These stages are delivered with the goal that we must connect with our client, understand your aspirations, build a clear trusting relationship with you, determine your special needs and goals and most importantly be part of this life experience with you - to have a deep,immersive and spectacular time together.

Trekking is for us our career, our livelihood and this country is our country and we have an extremely close connection to it. We want to share this with you.

Our people:-

Professionalism and high quality service is core to our business – we believe in investing in our people to provide you with this memorable experience. Our staffs are trained to provide a professional service and quickly build trust with our clients as your referral and opinions of your experience with us and when you leave is vitally important to our continued sustainability as a trekking company.

Our guides are government registered, licensed holders, locality sourced from the trekking areas you will trek in. Our guides and porters are multilingual. We are born and raised in this mountain region and this fact provides you with broad local knowledge and enables deep connections in the communities you will be walking in. The advantage of this connection cannot be overstated to your experience.

Your Safety is our first priority:-

Regardless of where we are and what we are doing, safety is our number one priority which Nepal Trekking Experts never compromise. Our staffs are fully trained in first aid, hygiene, personal protection, equipment usage, dealing with an emergency situation, rope fixing, map and compass reading, etc. Flexibility is core to our safety principles at all times. Itineraries are designed that provides time for our clients to acclimatization to high altitudes or provide time for clients to rest where required due to sickness.

Company assurance and trust: -

Nepal Trekking Experts is an authorized and accredited trekking company with a number government and private organizations. This includes

  • The Tourism and Civil Aviation Department,
  • Nepal Tourism Board and Industry Department,
  • Company Registrations Office,
  • Nepal National Bank and Taxation Office, 
  • Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA),
  • Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN)
  • Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP).

Insurance & Well paid to Staff:-

Nepal Trekking Experts are committed to staff welfare. Our staffs are fully covered by insurance and are all paid aligning with Industry awards and protections standards. Our staffs are our company and we invest in their future and their welfare to ensure a positive team approach that ensures your trekking experience is maximized.

Price policy and discounts - balancing “value for money” and quality experience:-

Due to our flat company structure and direct management principles Nepal Trekking Experts can provide the best price policy balancing value for money with quality of experience. A balance that must delivery a competitive price while providing an experience that touches your soul and leaves you with long lasting memories and experiences.

Nepal Trekking Experts employs a referral based discounts policy. Should you be referred to us by a previous customer a discounted price is available.

Special price packages are also available for student groups or groups more than 12 people.

Ecotourism and sustainability:-

Nepal Trekking Experts is strongly committed to ecotourism and environmental sustainability. We are very sensitive to delicate eco-systems where we enter. Without ecotourism and sustainability we cannot seek to maintain this natural paradise for future generations.

Equipment: -

Our teams are fully equipped to handle the mountain condition, we never compromise on providing the best equipment for our staff. Good and effective equipment underpins your successful and enjoyable life experience in our mountains.

Please consider us as your hosts to this awesome and spectacular country.

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